We are offering shipping products from USA to India. You can purchase anything from Amazon, eBay and Walmart and send it to your doorstep by using our shipping services from USA to India. You may be have some products which are not available in your country and you find a very high price in your country. You may found your favorite product on amazon and want to receive at your doorstep without extra or hidden charges. We are providing a great service of delivering products on your desired location on very cheap price.

Amazon has the most popularity among Indians because of its originality and best products. Amazon has the products which may not be available at local cities. Price may be too much high if you find your desired product in your own city. We are here to help you for your problem. We’ll give you the address of our warehouse which are in different cities of United States of America. You just need to put address of our warehouse.

Amazon don’t restrict their shipping for all products in India from USA. But they deliver only some products which are not the need of every customer. As we can choose different products form Amazon and eBay but maybe they are not shipping that product in your home country.

As only some products that amazon allow to ship globally. But you can buy or receive your desired product at your doorstep by using our shipping services from USA to India. You will buy your product by using the address of our warehouse. Find products on amazon at cheap rates that are available at high prices or may be that products are not available in your home country. You just need to select those products and use address of our warehouse. By using our USA to India shipping services you will receive your each product at your doorstep.   

Process is very simple to get address of our warehouse. You just need to sign up here. We will send you an email with the address of our warehouse. Put that address in your amazon account when you are ordering any product from Amazon, EBay or Walmart. Now we will inform you when your product will arrive at our warehouse. In next step you will get information when we deliver your product at your home address. At last you will get your product at your doorstep with our product shipping services from USA to India.


ShipExUSA will provide you USA address and packages forwarding services. You can shop online and we will ship them anywhere in the world.


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