How do I get my ShipexUSA address?

As soon you sign up for ShipexUSA account, we will provide a shipping address for you, which will be available in your ShipexUSA account.

Will my address contains a PO Box?

We do not generate any PO Box addresses to our registered members as many of the sellers do not ship to such addresses. We have regular warehouse addresses staffed with employees from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM Monday to Friday.

What can I buy from U.S retailers Online?

Members from Shipex.com can order clothing, shoes, jewelleries, accessories, books, CDs, DVDs, Electronics, Mobile devices, furniture, etc. at online stores and shops. Shipping chemicals, drugs, flammable, explosive and other sharp/illegal items, weapons are strictly prohibited on Shipex.com.

How long does the shipment take?

We ship your ordered packages within 24 hours after you place your shipping order on Shipex. You will receive your packages within 2-6 business days.

How can I track my shipments?

You can track your shipments through track shipment feature in your shipex account on our website.

How much will it cost to ship the package to my country?

Log in to your Shipex account and use the shipping calculator. Enter your details like country, weight and ZIP codes to get a free quote.

Can I repack my packages to save my shipping costs?

Definitely yes. We can repack your overly packed packages to optimize your shipping cost. This way you can consolidate or rearrange your multiple packages into one or more packages.

Who will fill out the custom declaration?

You will be notifying by an email to log on to your Shipex account and check out what we have received. There you can update the information for customs (Package description, value, etc.)

Do you offer Collect on delivery?

Unfortunately at present we do not offer collect on delivery.

Can I return the items I purchased?

Yes. Simply contact the retailer you've bought the item from for all exchanges and returns of the items you are not well satisfied with. You can use our address to receive your refund checks. NOTE: Item exchanges and returns are between you and the retailer alone, and Shipex does not in any way take responsibility for these transactions. However, we can assist you to return the items you have purchased if our assistance is needed.

How will you identify that the package is mine?

Once you sign up with us we will assign you a mailbox number. This number will be used with your name and our shipping address for your shopping. When your package arrives at our warehouse with your name and mailbox number, we will then notify you by an email. Then you can see your package in your shipex account.

Do I have to notify Shipex for my package arrival?

You do not have to notify us. We will be the ones to email you once your package arrives at our warehouse. All you have to do is log in to your account view the package and provide necessary details for customs declaration.

Can I Add another name to my account?

Yes, you can with no additional cost. You can add them to your account under the tab of OTHER NAMES. Make sure it has to be a real person and Shipex reserve the right to require two copies of ID and a notarized form for the added person.

What if my package is lost in Shipex warehouse?

If we cannot locate your package at our warehouse you will be notified immediately. However, lost packages are not completely lost sometimes they are misplaced. It will take time to find your package and will appreciate your patience in this matter. If somehow we do not find your package then you will be fully compensated. Please make sure the amount on customs declaration is same provided on invoice

Can I claim for lost package?

Yes, you can file a claim through your Shipex account, please click on FILE CLAIM. However, claim applies to package not deliver to Shipex warehouse or package not delivered to you.

How can I file a claim for a lost package?

Kindly go and check the tutorial on “How to file a claim for not delivered package”. The Same procedure applies to packages that weren't delivered to our warehouse or packages that weren't delivered to our respective customers. If you find out that we’ve got your package and unfortunately it wasn’t entered in your account within the interval of 24 hours, you are entitled to click on the FILE A CLAIM link on your Shipex account.
In a case where you find out that the package you ordered has missing items, we will need proof showing that such item is really missing, (confirmation of loss of weight from your local customs or postal service) or photos taken from package while it was still in our warehouse (pictures can be taken for only $2 with special request).

Can I use my DHL, Fedex, TNT billing account?

Sorry, we do not accept third party billing accounts for security reasons that are favorable to you.

What are the payment methods do Shipex accept when making a payment transaction?

You can always make your payments with your credit cards (except in certain countries), wire transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal or Payoneer payment method. We request to submit payments through order forms only.

Don’t know how to go about it?

You only need to log in to your Shipex account and click on ADD DEPOSIT. For payments over $500 please we advise you use a wire transfer or Bitcoin, else the payment might be held for longer period of time to clear than you expected. The order form will automatically offer accepted payment method.

What is a spending limit on my account?

Every shipex account has a spending limit. Here, new accounts have a lower spending limit, whereas old/established accounts have a high spending limit.

What’s a spending limit?

Spending limit here is the exact amount you can spend for postage or other services by credit card or Paypal payment method. Your spending limit will gradually rise the more you use our services. There are other payment methods that have no spending limit; when you are making payments through wire transfer payments, Bitcoin payments or payments through payment partners, note that you don’t have any spending limit.

What exactly is the deposit for?

If you are a constant customer who uses our services more frequently, you can always pre-pay postage by using the deposit option. This way you don’t need to be paying for every package you ordered separately. Just log in to your Shipex account and make your payment with the current balance you have in your account. You can also make an additional deposit when you see that your balance is running down.

Don’t know how to do it?

Simply click on the link for paying an additional deposit, and you then add your bank/payment details. After some minutes of making your payment, your money will automatically reflect on your account balance.

Are there any extra fees?

Yes, there is only a 4.3% bank fee on postage or assisted purchases. Shipex doesn't charge the bank fee on payments for our services, but for shipping cost only. The reason is that sometimes postage can be expensive. For example; postage for one package can cost $..... and we will charge $2 fee for forwarding the package. But the credit card company will charge us 4.3% for any incoming international payment, so we will receive only $...... and pay $.... in bank fees. The fee covers only the cost of receiving the banking charges.
In a case where you don’t want to pay the 4.3% bank fee, we advise you make use of a wire transfer or use Bitcoin. We will automatically add 4.3% to any wire transfer or Bitcoin payment. However, for wire transfer, we also charge a $.... incoming flat fee for receiving the transfer.

From where can I get a phone number for placing an order?

You can get a US phone number from many online services: www.skype.com, www.tollfreeforwarding.com, www.spokn.com, www.whistlephone.com etc.

Do I have to pay customs duties on packages?

Yes, you will have to pay customs duty as per your country customs duties and regulations.

What if my shipment value is inaccurately estimated?

You will be then required to email us with details for an adjustment immediately.

Are there any restrictions on packages in terms of value?

Yes, there is a restriction of value per package not exceeding USD2500. Packages above this limit must come along with Export declaration form from merchant or shipper.

Do I have to renew my membership on yearly basis?

Not at all, it is the lifetime membership with a one-time fee.

Can you combine multiple packages into one package?

Absolutely yes, we can, see the membership plan for details.

How can I close my Shipex account?

Kindly Email our customer support team with the same email address you used when opening Shipex account for closure.

Are there any items that I cannot ship through Shipex?

Definitely, we have some items that are restricted and cannot be shipped to Us. The items are:
  • Firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition etc.
  • Explosive material.
  • Pornography.
  • Flammable items.
  • Live or dead plants or animals.
  • Corrosive materials.
  • Human remains.
  • Any Electronic equipment or any equipment that requires ECCN# (Export Control Classification Number). For carrier restrictions, you can check the list on the calculator directly. .
  • Any restricted items under ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs and Border Protection US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury. .

What are the shipping methods offered by Shipex? Is it possible for me to use my billing account for Fedex, DHL or TNT shipment?

Currently, we support only the shipping methods that are shown in our calculator. You are supposed to enter the weight and dimension of the package to see how it will be shipped. If you don’t see certain shipping method, then you know that it’s not supported. Sorry, but we do not support third party billing accounts for security reasons.

Is it possible to make an exception and use some other shipping method not shown in your calculator?

Shipex low pricing is based on automation and approved shipping methods we are using currently. Please, we advice you check the shipping methods we offer before shipping any packages to Shipex. You are free to go through our wide range of shipping methods when shipping. In a case where we have to manually handle any shipment with different shipping company, we do normally charge up to $35 per hour time to prepare all shipping documents.

What is the shipex bank account details needed when sending money by wire transfer?

Name: ........
Account name: .......
Account number: (you will see it on the order form when making deposit payment)
SWIFT: .............
Bank info: ..........
Address: ...........................
Reference code: .............. (This will assure better exchange rate)
Note that we do not provide an IBAN number as it is not used by U.S. banks. We charge $... for incoming wire transfer fee. Do not send too small amounts.

What can I do if am required to have US debit card with US billing address?

Yes, we know there are some US online stores that will ask you to pay with US debit card. Panic not, for that, won’t be an issue here, all thanks to our cooperation with USunlocked, you can easily get your own US debit card with US billing address. Visit our USunlocked site for more details.

What if my US bank account is temporarily on security hold? Can I use someone else’s credit card or Paypal account?

Make sure that the name on the credit card/Paypal account must match that on your Shipex account. If the details on the credit or PayPal card do not match with the one on your Shipito account, your account will need to be fully verified, failure to verify your card within the given period will lead us to close your account. Yes, we will close your account in case we are notified by merchants that the card used was stolen.

I shipped a product to your customer and my shipment was reversed, why?

To all store owners, don't hesitate to contact us immediately if you are a victim of credit card fraud. If we find out that a stolen credit card was used to purchase any package from you, we will immediately send the packages back to you. Shipex is widely known for their zero tolerance policy and we are always working hard to keep it going. Fraud accounts are immediately deleted from our website.
We also offer a program where we guarantee you all sales when they are directly purchased by Shipex. So, don’t lose your international sales, we will help you keep the risk of accepting international payments.

What are Shipex Shipping Methods?

To our respective customers, we only support shipping methods shown in our shipping calculator. Note that the shipping methods might not be the same based on each warehouse location and your country. We advise you always check the calculator for the dimension and weight before you ship any package to us.
All the rules and conditions of each shipping company apply to all our customers. Visit each shipping company website for complete information. Check out the list of restricted and prohibited items to ship with each of these shipping methods.
  • USPS Express Mail: fast, inexpensive and reliable with tracking
  • USPS Priority Mail: cheaper, little slower with tracking
  • USPS First Class Mail: no insurance, no tracking
  • FedEx: very fast and reliable (we offer huge discounts negotiated on behalf of our customers).
  • DHL: very fast and reliable, large discounts
  • TNT: very fast and reliable, large discounts
  • FedEx Freight: for heavy or oversize packages
  • Airmail Economy: cheap method for inexpensive items
  • Airmail Priority: cheap method for inexpensive items, little faster than Economy
  • Boxberry Courier: fast and reliable courier service to Russia
  • Boxberry Local Pickup: cheaper Boxberry option, package delivered to pickup point
  • Aramex: fast shipping provider focusing on the Middle East and Asia
  • MPS - Multiple-Piece Shipment: More savings when shipping multiple packages to the same address with DHL, TNT, and FedEx

Can I change my shipping method?

Yes, every customer can login to his/her account and change the shipping method for each package whenever you want to.
When a package is being sent to a business address, the business address or company name must be filled out with a company name or business name on the delivery address section of the package. Failure to do so will cause packages to be returned and additional reship fee may be charged.

Customs and Duties:

Shipments valued under 15 GBP (Great British Pounds) require no VAT (Value-added Tax) or duties. Shipments above 15 GBP and below 135 GBP are subject to a 20% VAT, but no duties. Shipments above 135 GBP are subject to both the VAT and duties based on the commodity shipped. Any shipment valued above 15 GBP is subject to an 8 GBP charge to collect the VAT. This charge is typical of all carriers.

What are my benefits for shopping with Shipex?

  • Shipex will never charge you annually for your membership renewal. Our membership fee is a one- time fee.
  • We will never delay your shipment without a unique reason; delaying of shipment occurs only when you provide us with wrong information about yourself.
  • Shipex will never make a mistake of sending you a package that is quite different from what you ordered.
  • Our team is obliged to never disclose your personal/banking information to an authorized party.
  • Our members are allowed to consolidate their shipments in order to save their shipping charges, unlike other shopping sites.
  • Our Customer care is always there for you to serve you better when the need for them arises.

ShipexUSA will provide you U.S.A address and packages forwarding services.you can shop online and we will ship them anywhere in the world


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