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Amazon Introduction / What is Amazon? Inc. is an American Multi-national company that has more than 750000 employees. Amazon is considered as one of the most influential economic and cultural force as it is providing job opportunities to people all around the globe. It is one of the largest online business places where different products are available with their shipping to your area. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in Washington in the year 1994. Amazon was working as an online book store in the initial years but over time. It starts providing different electronics and household items. You can get your products everywhere in the world also there is an amazon delivery to UAE service has been started by the ShipExUSA.

What are Products by Amazon?

Amazon is selling electronics, software, video games, furniture, food, toys, jewelry, household items, health care, cosmetics, and all those items which are commonly available in markets. The delivery of the products is online and you have to follow the instructional steps given on the site for placing your order. You can but the products even in UAE and through amazon shipping to UAE you can get all the above products at your door step

Principles on which Amazon work

Amazon is a worldwide known site for shopping. The Amazon provides services by following the four principles

  • Customer obsession
  • Passion for invention
  • Commitment to operational excellence
  • Long-term productivity

Amazon Shipping to UAE

According to Global records and official surveys, is one of United Arab Emirates’ favorite overseas retailer and shipping store, and for good reason. And that is its service and quality of product

Amazon is providing easy shipping services throughout the world. The method includes the collection, shipping, and delivery services for the product. Every product that is going to be shipped to you includes delivery services for returns. All the shipping services use a designation named 'Logistic services provider' and affiliation of the transport company. This LSP involved a third party by which products are provided to the customer. This is how Amazon ships its products in UAE. All the process requires a company by which you can get your product. ShipExUSA is a site from where you can place your order to get desired product successfully. The amazon delivery to UAE cost by this site is very suitable and the things are in your home by this service with very low cost

If you live in the UAE and have tried to buy something from Amazon and want some products at your doorstep, chances are you’ ve run into some difficulties while shopping and shipping to UAE. The most common issue is that your item can’t be shipped to the UAE by the service, but there are now many services which work as third party and provide you the products at your home which you have bought from and the one of most trustable is ShipExUSA

Terms and Conditions and Features of ShipExUSA

Here are some of the terms and conditions needed to follow for getting Amazon delivery in UAE.

  • Shipping with Affiliation

ShipExUSA provides its product to the customer by a process known as Amazon Ship Service which includes the collection, shipping, and delivery of the product from the company to the customer. All the products that you buy through Amazon are provided to you by the same process and there is no self-shipping allowed to the customers.

  • Meet the Amazon requirements

This is another important thing which must be considered by the customer for the successful shipping in UAE. All the information which is required by the company must be provided which includes your contact number, proper address, and the name of the receiver. Otherwise, the company will not take responsibility for any delay.

  • ShipExUSA Shipping assurance in UAE

Before shipping your product to you, ShipExUSA make sure that the product is either suitable or not by shipping through the land, it is properly packed, it has required documents attached which includes invoice, advisory labeling, postal address, etc.

  • ShipExUSA 's seller's behavior

Shipping products to UAE is a completely proper procedure and done under the supervision of ShipExUSA team. The sellers are trained to behave professionally and if they make any unprofessional conduct, our company will take the whole responsibility.

  • ShipExUSA easy ship duration

If you have purchased any product from Amazon and it is going to be shipped to you in UAE by ShipExUSA, the company will provide you all the related details of the delivery services when you place your order. For example, ShipExUSA will let you know how much time does it take to deliver the product, on which date you have placed your order and when will you receive it.


Does Amazon Deliver to Dubai UAE?

Yes, Amazon is delivering products in the UAE and its sates like Dubai. But it is not for all the items you must search first products which are available at amazon to shipping in UAE. You can also search for amazon free shipping to UAE.

Can you Buy from Amazon in UAE Dubai?

UAE Has its own amazon new version nowadays in the country. You can find the products which are available for shipping in UAE and order the products. The ShipExUSA is a third-party currier service in UAE which provides you amazon delivery in UAE

How can I order from Amazon in UAE?

As earlier mentioned, that UAE has now its own amazon version you just have go the homepage of the amazon and search the UAE location amazon products. There you will find a list of products that can be shipped to UAE by amazon

How much is Amazon Prime in UAE?

The amazon prime is available in UAE against $4. This comes a month after an Amazon e-commerce company was converted into  Amazon Prime now available in the UAE and is available to customers for AED16 ($4.4) per month, or AED140 ($38) per year for its service

Does Amazon have an office in UAE?

Yes, amazon and the UAE version of amazon has office in Dubai Internet City. You can go for any product inquiry, price and any delivery inquiry.

Final Words

First came Amazon in the UAE then came Amazon Prime for service. UAE citizens can now not only shop for almost anything on the world’s biggest shopping platform they can also take advantage of its year-round next day delivery service by the amazon and also by the ShipExUSA service at your doorstep

Amazon Shipping in UAE is a complete process that is done under the supervision of the ShipExUSA team. You will get your desired product at your doorstep by the facility provided by ShipExUSA. It is very easy and have a suitable delivery charges for the citizen of UAE.  

ShipExUSA will provide you USA address and packages forwarding services. You can shop online and we will ship them anywhere in the world.


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