About Us

Welcome to ShipExUSA, We are the US's number one international parcel forwarding service offering consumers and businesses from around the world the advantage of a US postal address, personal / concierge shopping, and fast, secure delivery. We are the top rated service for shipping goods sourced in the United State and to most countries in the world.
All Thanks to ShipexUSA, There's no longer any need to worry about a lack of international shipping options on your favorite websites. As a registered member of ShipExUSA, All you will need to do is enter your unique ShipExUSA mailing address when making your purchase, and we will take it from there till it gets to your doorstep.
ShipExUSA offers a safe and convenient international buying service for our registered members’ worldwide, people outside of United State, and buyers or sellers who want to import wholesale/retail goods from the USA. We make buying from the US as easy and painless as possible by handling the packages, ordering and payment details for you. For businesses, we can function as your branch office. .
We don’t charge an annual fee to our registered members like most other parcel forwarding companies and we offer some of the cheapest prices available for an express courier service that delivers your goods fast. The ShipExUSA teams are justly proud of the high-quality service they offer; including personal customer care, attention to detail, secure and professional packaging and a door to door tracked delivery service covering all most the whole countries in the world.

Use ShipExUSA to:

  • Save money
  • Purchase products that aren’t available in your home country
  • Access much greater choice and quality of products that you won’t get in your home country
  • Buy from some of the best brands and retailers worldwide.
  • Shop on top shopping online stores like amazon and eBay and ship almost anywhere.

Whether is that Dolce & Gabbana Dress, that Gucci shoes, that lovely diamond jewelry, etc, you’ve been craving for. Just go ahead and place your order and we’ll do the rest for you.

How it works:

Register with us:

Register on our homepage and get your ShipexUS address with a unique mailbox number

Shop anywhere online with us:

Feel free to buy your favorite products from thousands of online retailers in the US. Carefully fill in your assigned Shipex address at checkout. We will send you an e-mail with the package details, price and a checkout link where you can pay.

You pay. We ship:

You pay for the item and shipping costs. We ship it.


PayPal or international credit cards through PayPal
T/T (bank wire transfer)
VISA or MasterCard credit cards 
We are your best friend when it comes to any only shopping worldwide…
With ShipExUSA…your desired goods are already at your doorstep

ShipExUSA will provide you USA address and packages forwarding services. You can shop online and we will ship them anywhere in the world.


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