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What Makes Us Different?

There is no setup fee to get your own US address and
We offer lowest shipping prices by using best corier services world wide.....
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You don't have to pay us any deposit in advance. You pay as you use our services and actual shipping fee. No over charge no hidde fees. Read More
Our automatic equipment measures each incoming package and checks its weight. We uploade free image of incoming packages to update you with actual condition in which it is arrived. Read More


I would die if I couldn't buy the cutest shoes I've ever seen. Saw this shoes online and I immediately made the order with Amazon and used my ShipExUSA address for FREE delivery.! Thanks to ShipExUSA, I got my dream shoes in just 5 days. They were packed safe. I just love these guys and the fabulous service they provide. Special thanks to frank, who handled my order
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Great service Easy to use the site I got my package just in 4 days after ShipExUSA sent to me. I definitely recommend to everybody who wanna do online shopping from USA and get their packages consolidated and shiped to you directly. Read More

ShipexUSA will provide you U.S.A address and packages forwarding can shop online and we will ship them anywhere in the world


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